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At DMD The Image, our purpose is not just to share the latest developments in the EV market, but to provide an in-depth information about efficiency and performance of upcoming electric vehicles. Through our reviews and articles, we want to help people understand the merits of owning an eco-friendly vehicle.

While our main focus is to examine and test drive the new upcoming all-electric cars, we also test out hybrid cars and other electric vehicles from time to time. Our in-depth research and tests conducted in the real-world scenarios help our readers in making an informed decision about their next automotive purchase.

Our team constitutes of highly intelligent auto experts who share a common passion for cars and technology. Our prominent contributors publish tips and tricks regularly to help our readers make the most out of their electric vehicles.

No matter whether you are newbie to the EV space or a seasoned veteran, you will find this website useful.

Electric vehicles are the future and the transition has already begun. In a few years from now, electric cars will constitute one third of the new car sales.

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