Is the Tesla Cybertruck Worth its Price?

Is the Tesla Cybertruck Worth its Price?

February 17, 2021 Electric Cars 0

The Tesla Cybertruck is absurd in the absolute best way. If you haven’t seen this bad boy, go to Tesla’s website and marvel. It’s wild, maybe the truck’s ugly or maybe it’s the coolest thing you’ve ever seen. That divisiveness won’t be going anywhere as the vehicle hits the market towards the end of this year. In preparation, it’s time to learn everything we can from the whispers, murmurs, and showcases that we’ve seen so far.

Under the Hood:

The Cybertruck is EPA estimated to reach up to five hundred plus miles per charge. For reference, you could drive the width of the state of Utah twice without having to re-charge. The Cybertruck isn’t limited to only driving long distances though, with a fourteen-thousand-pound towing capacity and zero to sixty in just under 2.9 seconds, this truck is a beast. So, let’s get into the nitty gritty that’s driving this vehicle.

Style, Safety, and Storage:

Let’s kick off the style conversation with a quick analysis of the type of person who is buying Tesla’s newest release. You’re not buying the Cybertruck if style and environmental impact aren’t top of mind. There are simply better trucks for far less money. Ram, Ford, GMC have all been in the game longer, and are always putting out top of the line units. Yet, the Cybertruck is alluring as all hell. The truck is stunning, captivating, enthralling, and it’s been designed to capture people’s eyes. Here’s an important question though, will the truck look as great covered in mud or after a few days on the road? That’s a concern that hasn’t been quailed at this time. Since the Cybertruck has only been seen in promotional videos, there’s little known about how the truck will age. Though, if I’m being honest, there’s something to the futurist modernism that screams “KEEP ME CLEAN!” That might be a draw back for anyone who wants to really use this truck.

One area that Tesla always excels at is safety and the Cybertruck is no different. The truck hasn’t gone through rigorous external testing yet, but most people are predicting that the vehicle’s safety features will be very impressive. From all reporting, this should be a vehicle that you feel perfectly confident relying on for family vacations. On top of that, with a ton of interior space, you won’t have any problems fitting everyone either. With one hundred cubic feet of available covered space in the back AND an incognito compartment, there’s very little you’ll struggle to conceal. This is not a U-Haul truck and it doesn’t seem as though you’ll be able to remove the back top. That’s a bit of a bummer, but with a starting price of forty thousand (For the base unit), I’d recommend renting a U-Haul for large items anyways.

Single vs Tri Motor Packages

The Cybertruck comes in three packages that are fairly similar with a single important upgrade: the number of motors. The packages range from single to tri motor. All three vehicles are impressive, but it must be said that the performance variance goes down quickly. At a range of two hundred and fifty miles per charge and a towing capacity of seventy-five hundred pounds, the single motor unit is nearly half as powerful as the tri motor package. With a difference of twenty thousand dollars, it’s a tough decision.

The Dual Motor Package

The dual motor and tri motor packages are both all-wheel drive. The single motor vehicle is rear wheel only. Because of those limitations, the single motor package is really only good for lighter towing on low impact terrain. The dual motor package is a hell of a second-tier unit. With all wheel driving, three-hundred-mile range, and ten-thousand-pound towing, there’s a lot to like. I will say, I’d prefer to see that towing capacity a little higher, but it’s not bad by any means. The 4.5 second zero to sixty is impressive, but not mind blowing. Which, when buying Tesla, the baseline is mind blowing. That’s just how it is.

At the End of the Day:

Is the Cybertruck the greatest truck ever made? Well, if your top two concerns are style and environmental impact, then hell yes! If you’re more concerned about towing capacity or price, then this is not the truck for you. It’s all about your wants versus your needs. Another thing to consider is that there is a massive quality jump between the tri motor package and the other two packages. With five hundred miles and fourteen thousand towing, the comparison just isn’t that close. That may be the toughest reality about the Tesla Cybertruck, to really get the best out of this vehicle, you have to be ready to spend quite a bit of cash. The Cybertruck is not the budget option, but it’s slick and damn impressive.