Why You Need to Own the Volkswagen ID 4

Why You Need to Own the Volkswagen ID 4

February 24, 2021 Electric Cars 0

Are you ready for the new age of electric? This year is going to be known as the year that transformed battery driven vehicles. Volkswagen is aiming to be the great innovator with their brand-new introduction to the electric SUV game. The VW ID 4 SUV is here for the crown and it’s ready to take it by force. What exactly makes the ID 4 top of its class? Let’s dive into the specs, crack open the hood, and see what’s really going on.

It’s All About Battery Power

With a range of 250 miles per charge, the Volkswagen ID 4 is great for long or short commutes. It’s also perfect for navigating city streets, suburban highways, and seven lane freeways. Throw in a towing capacity of twenty-seven hundred pounds and you’re ready to conquer any coast-to-coast road trip that comes your way. Built on the Modular Electric Drive Matrix (MEB) that Volkswagen has been creating for the past several years, the ID 4 feels stunningly new. Completely rebuilt from the ground up, the MEB base jettisons in a new era of vehicle manufacturing. Making the best of battery power while not giving up performance.

Interior Design Just Got Upgraded

Volkswagen has always felt comfortable. Not necessarily stylish, but always functional. The VW ID 4 continues upon this trajectory. Avoiding the in your face looks of Tesla, Volkswagen won’t turn heads, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The interior sports lush leather that heats and cools quickly depending on your desired temperature along with LED displays that give the vehicle a more modern appearance. Both models of the vehicle come equipped with a touchscreen display and sixty-four point two cubic feet of cargo space. Plenty for football gear, a couple camping tables, really, anything you need. As for interior colors, all buyers will have the option to choose between Lunar Grey and Galaxy Black.

Charging on the Go

Finding a place to charge has quickly become a problem of the past. Most cities, including suburbs, have some form of electric charging grid set up at this point. VW electric car is going a step further, making charging easier than it’s ever been. Whether you go with the L1 or L2 wallbox charger, getting your vehicle back on the road will be simple. If you’re on the road and need a charge, you’ll be covered as well, as there are now seventeen thousand charging locations nationwide. As if that wasn’t enough, the ID 4 comes with three years of unlimited charging at Electrify America DC Fast Charger stations. You’ll be paying off your car with every cent you save not buying gas.

VW ID 4 Packages

There are two editions of the VW ID 4 that are currently on the market. The 1st Edition and Pro. Currently, the 1st edition is completely sold out, though that is likely to change. It is listed at around forty-five thousand dollars while the pro version is listed at forty thousand. That five thousand dollars essentially covers vanity and micro improvements. From a panoramic fixed glass roof to silver roof rail accents. Is the five thousand dollars worth it? In my opinion no. Though it depends on what you value. For those who value style at any cost, that extra bit of cash will serve you well. On the other end, if you can afford not to have the nicest of the nicest bells and whistles, there are far better ways you can spend five thousand dollars.

Is This the Car for You?

It is very difficult to figure out any type of person who would not love driving the Volkswagen ID 4. I’ve wracked my brain and come up with zero answers. The short and sweet of it is this, if you are in the market for an all-electric vehicle this SUV needs to be on your list. Its performance and classic style will age like the finest wines. This car is an investment, and a quality one at that.

All in all, the Volkswagen ID 4 is the perfect blend between classic and original. Its precision and dedication to high performance makes this the best electric SUV that’s on the market to date.